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Life on the farm

Évkerék Ökotanya [Wheel of the Year Organic Farm], the name of our organic farm reflects our mission to follow the cycle of the seasons and live in harmony with nature. We find it especially important to produce organic and seasonal fruit and vegetables of the highest quality for our own family and many other local families.  


The following three core values constitute our mission:

1. AMAP community-supported agriculture/ vegetable box system
We successfully operate our community-supported agriculture (CSA) venture, delivering boxes of organic vegetables grown in our organic vegetable gardens of 1.5 hectares weekly to those 65 families living in Szeged who entered into an agreement with us.

2. Seed saving
There are 160 varieties of organic vegetables grown on the farm, including special foreign varieties as well as Hungarian regional varieties. We also deal with seed saving (for personal needs only), the organisation of seed swaps and the establishment of a Hungarian seed network of growers.

3.Local community building
With the help of some families living in the neighbourhood, the so-called “Szeri Ökotanyák Szövetsége” [Association of Organic Farms of the Szer Region] was established in order to promote self-sufficiency in farming at a local level and live from what we produce with our own hands by means of using the tools of organic farming.

CSA vegetable box system
Volunteers may find working with us an excellent opportunity to gather experience in the operation of a vegetable box system, the maintenance of organic gardens and orchards, the keeping of livestock and the building of appropriate infrastructure for self-sufficient farming.

Primarily, we are looking for hard-working helpers to assist us in the tasks in the gardens (encompassing a range of activities from those related to the raising of seedlings to harvesting).

However, we are glad to welcome volunteers who are willing to take part in the everyday duties on the farm such as the preparation of pickled cabbage, the pruning of fruit trees, the pressing of sea-buckthorn berries or the building of an outdoor oven. Our main goal is the continuous operation of a vegetable box system based on AMAP community-supported agriculture. Furthermore, our long-term goal is to run a completely self-sufficient farm. Therefore, we are looking for volunteers who nurture similar dreams and aspirations and are willing to follow the pace of life on the farm in order to experience its beauties and difficulties at the same time.

Responsible and confident volunteers, who wish to gain practical experience in farming and are not reluctant to do demanding physical and mental work, are welcome on the farm.
If you want to be a volunteer on our farm, check our WWOOF profile, and send a message to us!
Heirloom seed keeping
Diverse vegetable garden
Seasonal kitchen
Organic gardening practices
Community building

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  1. I've spent a short, but very good time on the farm of Orsi, Laci and Lőrinc. I want to start my own garden in the next year and I learnt a lot from them about farming, and producing in a CSA (community supported agriculture) system.
    I really suggest to visit them if you are interested in professional vegetable growing, saving seeds, or how it is living on the Hungarian countryside.